Dr. Allen's Story of Survival

Dr. Ann de Wees Allen’s amazing story of survival and her determination to live.

From an athletic 115 pounds to a 78 pound skeleton, Dr. Allen fought to live after being given less than 2 % chance of survival from an aggressive and deadly cancer.

As the youngest person ever diagnosed with terminal stomach and esophageal cancer, and the only long-term survivor of this disease, Dr. Allen’s amazing quest for survival led her to a new path in her life; a life dedicated to science.

Lineage of the De Wees
Royal Family of England

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King John I of England

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Royal Families of England

Dr. Allen received the first patent granted worldwide on the Glycemic Index.

Dr. Allen's Portfolio of Patents span over three decades, and have been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and named "Breakthrough Product of the Year" by Success magazine.

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